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Welcome to the Homepage of K. Howell

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To view my most recent works, go to

K. Howell


If you are interested in being an artist for one of my shows or would like to host an art show in your venue, please go to my curation website at:  Please note that I do not curate all of the shows that I am involved in.

I have a store set up at Cafe Press. I keep adding more items and designs so check it out often!  K's Store


Lately, I've been making patterns for hand embroidery.  Below are a few of the many designs I have available.  

Navigating This Site- Feel free to browse this site in any particular direction. I have divided my portfolio into several themed galleries. This way you can find what you are looking for easily. If you have any questions or requests for images, please contact me. I have lots of artwork in my portfolio and have yet to put it on my website.

I am now selling some of my original art work displayed on this website.  All of the paintings that are available for purchase are displayed and labeled in the Art for Sale page. 

All information and artwork on this site are 1996-2011 K. Howell